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The Client

Evolve Cellars is a winery located in downtown Penticton, British Columbia. The winery is one of three brands under the Five Vines Cellars parent company and shares a roof with TIME winery. 

Evolve Cellars crafts friendly and approachable wines, providing pure expression of the grapes grown by their south Okanagan growing partners. Fruit-forward with bright freshness, Evolve Cellars are a celebration of the great region. The winery has an extensive wine portfolio of whites, reds, sparkling and rose wines. The company salutes the journey, celebrating what the next step forward may bring with every bottle of Evolve Cellars wines.

Project Overview

Evolve Cellars wants to rebrand and refresh the current wine label designs to better reflect their friendly and approachable, fruit forward and bring wines. Undergraduate student project.

Project Objective

Implement a fresh, bruit and fruit forward label design across an extensive wine portfolio so it can be rolled out with the next vintage release to increase approachability of their wines on shelves to ultimately increase their customer base.

Research - Current Labels

Before developing a new label design, research on target market, brand history and goals, and established label designs was conducted. 


Development Sketches

An exploration of dynamic label designs featuring the unique letterform from the wordmark, and present on the screw-tops for most of their wine bottles, with the exception of sparking wines.

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Research - Fruit Flavours

While sketching possible new label designs, ways to represent the flavours of the wine kept surfacing. When I began reading the descriptions of the wines, however, many listed flavours as red fruit or citrus. This complicated my developing idea of visually conveying the wine flavours because these descriptions are too broad when creating fruit illustrations.

Red Fruit

Red fruit could indicate flavours of cherry, raspberry, strawberry, red plum, cranberry or red currant.

Dark Fruit

Dark fruit could indicate flavours of blackberry, blueberry, huckleberry, black plum, black currant, black cherry, dates, and fig.


Citrus could indicate flavours of lemon, lime, grapefruit, and mandarine orange.

Orchard Fruit

Orchard fruit could indicate flavours of apple or pear.

Tropical Fruit

Tropical fruit could indicate flavours of banana, lychee, mango, papaya, passionfruit, or pineapple.


Melon could indicate flavours of watermelon, honeydew or cantaloupe.

Stone Fruit

Stone fruit could indicate flavours of peach, nectarine or apricot.


Development of a illustrations to visually convey the fruit flavours for each wine was completed entirely digitally. Beginning with imagery of each fruit, fruit flavours were created using Illustrator. The challenge was to create realistic flavour illustrations using only line and solid shapes. The resulting illustrations are intended to be foil stamped on the bottom wrap-around label representing the key flavours of each wine in the bottle. This meets both criteria of creating approachable wine labels and representing the bright, fruit-forward wines.

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The Result

After extensive research, productive development sketches, and creation of fruit illustrations, the development of a design system for the entire Evolve Cellars wine portfolio was finalized.


Each primary label features an elegant ribbon, with each core colour changing according to grape type (red, white and rose). A thinner label is applied below the primary label, wrapping around the entire bottle, featuring a continuation of the elegant ribbon and key flavour illustrations foil stamped for high visbility.

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