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The Client

Ucwalmicw All Nations Services Society is a non-profit and registered charity organization located in Abbotsford, BC which helps urban Indigenous Peoples' of the Fraser Valley. Their goal is to build stronger inter-community and intra-community relationships through Indigenous practices.

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Project Overview

Ucwalmicw All Nations Services society received project funding to hire a communications designer for the duration between beginning of May to the end of August 2021. 

Position Summary

The Communications Designer position required familiarity with creating and maintaining websites; and the ability to develop, support and promote company goals through message development, social media content, and digital marketing content which aligns with the organizations identity and message.


A responsive website, social media posts, and refreshed stationery which promote the organizations goals.


Increase awareness of the brand and the programs and services the organization offers.



Ucwalmicw All Nations Services Society relocated offices early July 2021, and required new business cards, brochures and letterhead to reflect the new address and the addition of a website. 

Business Card

Business Cards

The double-sided full colour business cards are frequently handed out and often included in mail-out packages to urban Indigenous members. Three versions were created and the Executive Administer chose this design to send to print, after slight alterations were made.


Tri-fold Brochure

The double-sided, tri-fold, full-colour brochure was included in care packages offered to urban Indigenous peoples' in the Fraser Valley to promote the organization's message and services.


Brochure Design

Imagery from previous projects was included as the organization hopes to offer cultural revitalization workshops again when provincial regulations related to the covid pandemic allow. Illustrations were developed to draw attention to the services they offer. 

Website Development

Website Development

The organization's online presence before this project included Facebook only. Therefore, I was tasked with developing a responsive site from research on similar organizations. I began by creating a low-fidelity wireframe to propose for site content and design to the Executive Administrator and Board Members. 

Photo Editing

Photo Editing

While site content was in the process for approval, I received imagery from past projects to sort through and photo manipulate in preparation for publishing online. Many images included a date stamp in the bottom right corner and attention towards event attendees was desired.

Website Design

Website Design

With imagery ready and content approved, all that was left was actually designing the site using online development software. As a newer designer, this took longer than I originally anticipated because I didn't have team to assist me with the finer details, such as a custom loading graphic and functionality testing. 


Mobile Design

As I worked through the design of the mobile version of the site, I saw opportunities for refinement on the standard version, such as the box underneath "connect with us" and breaking sections apart using subtle tonal changes. Implementing these opportunities was simply a matter of following through with the adjustments.

Social Media

Social Media Post Design

Ucwalmicw All Nations Services Society reaches their audience primarily through Facebook. The organizations social media has a small follower base and focuses on advertising events they host, job postings, sharing content from other pages, sharing crafts made at the events they have hosted and fundraising efforts. To announce the winners of their raffles, they often 'go live'.


Social Media Post Content

There's nothing wrong with continuing these types of posts. But, to add variety in content, I design several series of posts relating to their mission and vision statements, the services they offer, calling for testimonials from the community they made a difference in, and how to contact the organization. 

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Mission 2.jpg
Mission 3.jpg
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UANSS-FB Post_Moving Office_Moving office 4.jpg
Vision 1.jpg
Vision 2.jpg
Vision 3.jpg
About 1.jpg
About 2.jpg
About 3.jpg
About 4.jpg
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UANSS-Our Services_OUR SERVICES 02.jpg
UANSS-Our Services_OUR SERVICES 03.jpg
UANSS_Driver Services_August 26-01.jpg
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