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Ugly Produce: Brand Identity and Digital Marketing Content


To develop branding for and build a series of social media posts for Ugly Produce, a conceptual organization, to redefine the beauty of fruits and vegetables.


A new brand launch and a series of branded imagery ready to upload to social media featuring fruits and vegetables that do not conform to the superficial beauty standards unnecessarily placed upon them, such as lightly damaged, discoloured, or deformed.


By developing the brand and digital content for Ugly Produce, they were able to reach a larger audience with their message about reducing the perceived cosmetic standards unnecessarily placed on naturally grown fruits and vegetables. 


Brand Identity Development

Digital Marketing Content


The Client

Ugly Produce is a conceptual organization developed to raise awareness about unnecessary food waste caused by artificial cosmetic standards consumers hold when selecting fruits and vegetables at local markets and grocery stores. Ugly Produce wants to encourage Canadian families and individuals to share their imagery of "ugly" fruits and vegetables to spread awareness that produce doesn't need to be pretty to be nutritious and delicious.

The Problem

Dietary guidelines recommend adults eat anywhere from five to thirteen servings of fruits and vegetables per day, depending on age, gender, level of physical activity, and overall health. This equates to an expense many low income families simply cannot afford. Meanwhile, Canadians collectively waste almost 2.2 million tonnes of edible food each year. Over half of that food could have been eaten, but was tossed away because of its appearance. Wasting food means we are wasting the resources used to grow, produce, and distribute that food to consumers regardless of the size, shape or appearance of the fresh produce.

Logo Development

Brand Mark Development

Despite not following my usual process for logo development, I already had a general direction for the new Ugly Produce brand mark. I knew it needed a natural texture to mimic the natural surface texture of fruits and vegetables, and the organization originally wanted their slogan incorporated into the brand mark. 

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Brand Mark Solution

With the slogan removed, the mark functioned better for the organization in small spaces since the logo was primarily to be used online on social media channels.

Ugly Produce-06.jpg

Social Media Campaign

To appeal to Canadian's under 30 years of age, Ugly Produce desired placing imagery of unique produce on brightly coloured backgrounds in a way that makes them look sexual. The idea was to get the actual appearance of cosmetically imperfect fruits and vegetables in front of consumers and raise awareness how even though their appearance isn't "perfect" they are still edible, nutritious and delicious.

Social Media
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