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The War Amps began in 1918 as the Amputation Club of British Columbia.
It was the first of many groups that helped war amputees adapt to their new reality, as well as advocate for seriously disabled veterans across Canada. 
Guided by its philosophy of amputees-helping-amputees, the organization has remained committed to improving the quality of life for Canadian amputees by providing financial assistance for artificial limbs, peer support, and information on all aspects of living with amputation.

Project Overview

The War Amps has a long history in Canada advocating for and assisting amputees in all aspects of life: from advocacy to financial assistance for amputation devices to offering information and resources for amputees and their families. Current branding does not reflect their history or the programs and services they offer today.

Project Objective

To inspire and unite Canadian amputees — one amputee, one amputation device, and one life at a time. To continue with the branding refresh, War Amps would require updating their tradeshow displays and event collateral.



A refreshed brand identity that better reflects their long history helping Canadian amputees.

Child with leg amputee.jpg


Increase awareness of the brand and the programs and services the organization offers.

The Challenge

During the rebranding student project, the breadth of programs and services War Amps offers presented a challenge. The organization focused on assisting Canadian amputees first, and consistent branding was not considered a priority. Additionally, the current brand mark does not present well in small sizes.

Mark Development Sketches

During the mark development phase, exploration involved attempts to represent amputation devices, amputee figures with missing limbs, different typographic treatments, and graphic shapes such as squares, circles, triangles and shields.

Development Sketches-04.jpg

Digital Mark Development

The challenge during initial digital brand development involved not having landed on a solution during the development sketches. Therefore, digital exploration continued to examine different typographic treatments, the amputee figure and circular forms.

Digital Mark Development-05.jpg

My proposed design solution represents their long history through the use of Perpetua Titling MT, a crisp and modern typeface that is influenced by Eric Gill's experience of carving lettering for monuments and memorials. The bar and leg of the letter 'A' in amps together form an amputation device, an object that the War Amps assists Canadian's who are missing limbs to obtain them through financial assistance.

Brand Mark Solution-06.jpg

As with any brand mark development, lockup variations were developed for ease of application across print and digital applications.

Full Lockup

Vertical and Horizontal Lockups

Brand Symbol

02-Brand Mark.jpg

Application of Refreshed Branding

04-Business Card.jpg

Application of Refreshed Branding


Branded Event Collateral for Staff

In addition to the refreshed rebranding, War Amps required trade show display set up and event collateral. For War Amps staff, an identification card and t-shirt were developed. 

Mechadise Design
Lanyard and ID badge 2.jpg

Branded Event Collateral for Attendees

To enhance the experience for trade show event attendees and introduce a new touch point, War Amps branded event collateral was developed to support the organization's effort to stay strong in their commitment to improving the lives of Canadian amputees.

Collectable Button Pins

08-Button Pins.jpg
09-Button Pins.jpg
07-Button Pins.jpg

Wearables and Everyday Objects

Pen Drive.jpg

Event Marketing

To advertise the in-person trade show event, pre-event promotional advertising was developed to increase brand awareness and generate leads for the trade show event.

To increase awareness for the key tag service War Amps offers to support their efforts towards assisting Canadian amputees, billboard advertising was developed. 
Reusable exhibition signage was established to enhance the organizations presentation, invite attendees to engage with staff, and inform trade show attendees about the organization's key tag service and philosophy of amputees-helping-amputees.

Advertising Design
Street Poster.jpg
11-Exhibition Stand.jpg
12-Exhibition Display.jpg

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