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The Creative Process

Collaboration is at the heart of every successful project with Little Brown Bat Design.




Fill in my enquire form and I'll get back to you within 48 hours to book your discovery call so we can chat about your business and goals. After, I'll send you your detailed proposal. Once you sign your contract and pay your first invoice, you're officially booked with me and I'll get you set up on your Notion Client Portal.


Brand Strategy Session

Every project begins with a Strategy Session! This is a 1-2 hour call where we'll discuss the direction for your brand design. We'll dive into your values, target audience, competitor analysis, messaging strategy, and more. After I do more research, you'll receive a Brand Road Map PDF with moodboard concepts for you to choose from. 


Brand Design

With your strategy developed, I'll begin designing your logo suite, and send you a presentation for approval. I use the One Concept Method where instead of presenting you with multiple creative directions for your logo, I pour all my attention and energy into creating one perfect logo concept based on strategy. You'll have 2 rounds of revisions.


Collateral & Add-ons

Once your logo concept is finalized, I'll move on to developing the rest of your brand identity. This is where we get to see your brand come to life and aply it to your supporting brand elements, collateral (digital and print) and any of the add-ons you opt for.


Web & Content Strategy

We'll have another strategy call, this time for your website and content. We'll map out the pages (sitemap) and content for your website to make sure information flows smoothly and strategically. With your site mapped out, you'll see the content I need from you so you can prepare. You'll have access to my Website Content Guide to help you with copy and other website info we'll need, so no worries!


Website Design

I'll create and build your website which will be designed with your content strategy and target audience's customer journey in mind. I'll assist you with writing copy that speaks to your audience and converts them into loyal customers. You'll have two rounds of revisions. Prior to launch, I'll run tests to ensure your website runs smoothly, especially for mobile devices.



Congrats on your new brand and website design! Before you go, we'll hop on another call to celebrate and provide you with live training so you get to know how to use your brand files and manage your website so you can update it on your own! Although our project ends here, I'll forever be cheering you and your business on! Now go show of your new brand!

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Your design project waiting to become a reality

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